Membership Guide

At 2econd Generation Entrepreneur Association (2GHK)

Membership Guide

We embrace the renowned 3-Circle Model as a guiding framework to empower and strengthen family businesses in Hong Kong. Developed by Harvard Business School professor Renato Tagiuri and John Davis, this model recognizes the critical interplay between three essential components: Family, Business, and Ownership. By understanding and harmonizing the dynamics within these circles, 2GHK supports the long-term success and sustainability of family businesses.

To ensure that our membership community remains aligned with the principles and values of 2GHK, we have established the following criteria for eligibility.

Age Restriction: Welcome to Members Under 45 To foster a dynamic and vibrant community, our membership is open exclusively to individuals under the age of 45. This age restriction reflects our commitment to nurturing a diverse and energetic environment that resonates with the aspirations and goals of younger professionals.

At our community, we value lifelong connections and recognize the wisdom and experience that comes with age.

Therefore, once individuals become full-time members and pass the age of 45, they are eligible to renew their membership and continue growing old with our vibrant community.

How to become
a Member

Application Form

If you fulfil the membership criteria mentioned above, we invite you to apply and become part of the 2GHK membership community. Together, we can explore the intricacies of family businesses, exchange valuable insights, and support each other’s growth and success.

Type of status

Based on the 3-circle model mentioned above, to become a member of 2GHK, individuals need to meet at least one of the following four statuses.



External investors, who own part of the business but who do not work in it and are not members of the family.


Non-family management and employees.


Owners who work in the business but who are not family members


Family members who own shares in business but who are not employees.


Family members who are not actively involved in the business either as employees or owners.


Family members who work in the business but who do not own shares.


Inhabiting in three circles are owners who are also family members and who work in the business.

Membership Eligibility

Who Can Join 2GHK? Discover who is eligible to become a member of 2GHK and find out how you can become a part of our thriving network.

Family Owner

Individuals who are family members of a business and hold any percentage of shares in the company. This membership category recognizes the crucial role that family members play in the success and continuity of the business.

Non-Family Owner Employees

Individuals who actively operate a business and own 30% or more shares in the company. This membership category is designed for business owners who are actively involved in the day-to-day operations and seek to connect with fellow entrepreneurs.

Family Employees

Family members who are actively engaged in the operations of a business, where another family member holds any shares. Categorised for individuals who contribute to the business’s daily activities and wish to connect with other family business members.

Family Owner Employees

Individuals who are owners of a family business and actively involved in its operations, often as the founder.

Members benefits

Save more than 10% in monthly dinner gatherings

Invitation to exclusive and private events

Special discounts & perks from our partners