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Founded in March 2006, 2econd Generation Entrepreneur Association Limited (2GHK) is an organization run by a group of young entrepreneurs age below 45, of whom are involved in family business or are running their own businesses. We aim at building a strategic relationship between entrepreneurs and to provide a supportive and positive learning experience to our members. Through extensive training and activities, we will strengthen the leadership and management skills and to foster personal growth amongst our members. We hope our members can also utilize their knowledge to develop a better business environment together in Hong Kong.

Our mission is to provide a platform for 2econd generation young entrepreneurs to support, interact, learn and share their experience with each other.

Our Mission


  • Promote friendship, cooperation and knowledge among 2econd generations of various family business and new business entrepreneurs through monthly activities.

  • Recognize good business matches and identify resources by exchanging information and knowledge among members.

  • Encourage members to participate in social and community activities.

  • Strengthen the leadership and management skills of members.

  • Encourage sharing of business strategies to improve company’s performance and implement sustainable business models.

  • Network building by meeting with talents in different industries through activities and seminars.

  • Tie the strength of all members to meet the challenges and changes of the global economy.

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